Sunday, February 24, 2013

stamp making

Recently i downloaded stamp making adventures from the Interweave website, put it on a flash drive - slotted it into the tv and hey presto! I figured that I would've easily paid that to attend a class and here i was in my lounge room at the time that suited me. One of the tools demonstrated was a wood burning one. I couldn't wait to try it out on a piece of thick foam.

I made some marks. Cut out my shapes and fine tuned the designs.

I pressed them into my inked up gelli plate

i then used them like a 'stamp' over the print too.

I had also played around with layering the gelli plate, hand carved rubber stamps and markers.

I really enjoyed using hand cut paper stencils and stamps - they looked photo worthy on their own!

Shame it's the end of the weekend i would've liked to experiment some more...

Even ripping up scraps and adding washi tape was looking appealing...
'til next time...


Kim Henkel said...

Oh what fun!! and what beautiful results... I love them all.

Jodi Colvard said...

Absolute genius! Love the look! The Gelli Plate is a new toy for me but is so much fun.


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