Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Sketchbook project..

Last weekend, settled in our sandstone cottage in the country i setup my projects and began some painting.

First it was the 'altered book' ready for a swap last week.. then it was ??? well what could i do? I looked out the window and saw a bird bath so i found myself painting this..

As i was doing it i hated it. So contrived, so tight so - well er, me. I mean is THAT my natural style? if it is i don't want it. Anyway i finished it. Put it aside. Loosened up and then did this for the sketchbook project..

i felt better after that. Do you have a 'loosening up' process? What works for you?
the next day i left my imagination and went outside to grab some leaves. Different ones i decided, and study them. This is what happened (also for the sketchbook project). The leaves were originally brighter - the real ones are taped on the page..

This was still a 'tight' style, but here i enjoyed pretending i was on some botanical documentation project..
Text reads "it must be time to turn over a new leaf"...

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katiecrackernuts said...

Sometimes I think we have to fall in love with our own style. When I have done an illustration I think too contrived I try to loosen up and do something else with the subject but always, when I come back to the sketchbook next time, I find it was the original "me" work I liked best.

Now, tell me you ARE coming to the ABCD meet next Thursday. I will be there. Will be lovely to see you again.


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