Sunday, October 17, 2010

fabulous world of felt

I've enjoyed following the blog of Samantha Cotterill of mummysam for a while now. Was i excited when i saw her book was being released last month! You can get yours here. 14 projects to machine or hand stitch - so you can have your own whimsical piece of mummysam in your own life.
Being in Australia i was on the look out for local felt suppliers and ordered the yummy selection of 100% wool felt from Winterwood in Victoria. Yesterday i created 'Simon'.

I decided to try the hand stitch approach. I chose Simon to make first as who wouldn't want a satchel bag?
I'll enjoy seeing him rugged up as he sits next to my computer.. the tricky bit is what to make next?

Actually, next time i need to perfect the transfer process - anyone know an Australian supplier of wax transfer paper?


mummysam said...

lovely! thanks for the great should post him on my flickr gallery for the book! he's perfect :)

mummysam said...

oops! just saw that you did :)
he looks so great next to that orange little dresser...thanks!!


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