Sunday, October 10, 2010

escape to the country...

Hello, hope you all had a lovely weekend.
I had the last week off work. I did some paper work, caught up with friends + family, tidied up, did some sewing. Then, (to feel like I'd actually HAD a break) popped off for a long weekend in the country. (Actually only 1.5 hrs from home).
Here is the sandstone convict cottage we stayed in..

located amongst 42 acres in the Southern Highlands, it was an ideal spot for the whole family.. including the dog (if you have one).

Time appeared to slow the moment we arrive... although there was heaps of photographic opportunities, gorgeous plants and plenty of wildlife - including Hector, the donkey.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Miss R and I went op shopping? These are 2 more of our thrifted finds. A wonderful $8 vintage polyester number and the lovely green one was around $15. Funny how when you arrive in a new place the scenery instantly becomes familiar, yet when you leave and view the images they mean so much more, don't they?
Click here for more info on the place we stayed. And pop back to see what else i got up to..


beck said...

Looks like a fab place to visit, where did you go? I love the tyre swing, the donkey (ee aw). It's so good to get away sometimes, there should be more of it! xo

katiecrackernuts said...

Looks lovely. I could do with a country retreat. We're heading down to Bundanoon end of the month, leaving the adult dependents at home to sort things out for themselves.


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