Tuesday, October 5, 2010

and sew on..

Here in Sydney it's the second month of Spring, school holidays and 3 days of wet weather.
Lucky i picked this up from the library last weekend:

Thrift to fantasy by Rosemary Mcleod is a wonderful collection of anecdotes, memories and fabulous photos of home textile crafts in New Zealand during the 1930's - 1950's. It provides an insight into what life for women was like at this time - but also what they made! A picture of a pair of miniature felt gloves made by the authors mother to secure the end of the knitting needle to prevent work from sliding off. .is one of my favourite discoveries. But how joyous was i to read about these:

The workbag! Not only did women craft them - they often hung on the armchair waiting for a spare moment when a project could be picked up. Or, they went visiting informally - when one had tea, chatted with friends and worked on ones' current project! Yes! bring back this concept - i say.. contented hands lead to a contented soul..
Inspired by coloured bits of felt stitched onto backgrounds.. i found some sample swatches that i had collected from reverse garbage for next to nothing.. i was in need of a key case.. so took this project on a visit to my mothers.. here's the finished piece..

the keys being on a piece of ribbon that retracts into the cloth pouch - so the keys don't scratch anything or tangle up in your bag.. here's the other side..

my only after tip - would be.. make sure the open end is well hemmed so the keys don't get stuck on anything as they come and go.. this book was also helpful in coming up with a design.. one of my favourite japanese titles..

with simple, yet effective designs like this..

So what have you got in your work bag?

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Murgatroyd said...

Cor! That library book looks brilliant, I might see if there are any copies in the UK(sneaks off to Amazon....)
Great design on your key fob too. I love reading your colourful posts :)


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