Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tea time

I don't know about you - but it seems to me that when you arrange to meet up with family/friends on a Sunday, it's a good excuse for eating. Eating something special. Something you may have fond memories of.. Something you don't usually have.. and.. err maybe going a little over the top.. we created our own 'high tea'

we had triple decker sandwiches (without crusts of course), golden homemade mini sausage rolls, fairy cakes, scones with jam + cream, the ol' chocolate cake and THEN..

These little chequered squares are Mr Kiplings battenburg cakes - little sugary morsels coated in marzipan - something from my very far past.. the round-ish cakes are 'coffee kisses' they were in fact what started the whole idea. That harmless comment to my mother one afternoon - as i walked home "d'you remember those coffee kisses you used to make? D'you still have the recipe?"
She found a thirty year old typed blue airmail letter from my Nan which had the recipe.. they are sort of bite sized crumbly cake/biscuit with coffee icing in the middle.. as i skipped down memory lane i recalled twisting them apart - spreading the icing equally on each half to make the whole thing last longer..

it was a good excuse to do many things, including using my grandmothers tea set..

...embroidering a handmade heart to attach to my freshly baked brownies..

and play a round of backyard croquet..

I hope your week was also 'sweet'...

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katiecrackernuts said...

What a cracking idea. I am yet to do a commercial high tea but this one looks more yum. If you do your own you can choose all your own indulgences.


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