Sunday, May 30, 2010

On our desks...

Firstly, i just have to point out that i didn't actually see much of any of my desks this last week.. some how i ended up in bed all week, all through the Sydney rain... dreaming of what i would do when i was free from mucus ( just a bit of green gunk nothing too worry some).
Anyway this weekend free of market stall commitments, i dabbled in a couple of things...

When i am compelled to do a design but get 'white-page-freak-out', where nothing i sketch works, I go to my little box of paint swatches from the hardware store and start cutting them up and seeing what happens. This is what happened, so i stuck it down - next i'll use it to do something digital.
THEN i had to do some embroidery. Again, not quite sure of composition i did a quick sketch on the computer and attempted to transfer it to thread + fabric.. it's not quite exact - but hopefully retains the feel.
As we had family over and it tis Autumn i used that as an excuse to make Nigella's Greek Lamb stew. Which cooks for about 2 hours and tastes absolutely deliciously sweet and tender... yumo.. followed by optional apple + rhubarb crumble with homemade custard... ahhhh..

So in case you've just popped by.. I do have twins, a boy and a girl. Twelve years old. Miss R was seen recently assisting Dudley at the zine fair.. the lad meanwhile is heavy into building.. this was his desk this weekend...

As he cuts + places that foam core into a modern structure.. music blaring... oh his bandaged hand is from last weekend's stitches (accident with a car door, not scalpel)...
Oh well back to my 'day desk' tomorrow.. just had time to check out the 3m swell at Curl Curl beach, Sydney.
Hope your week has been good too.


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