Friday, June 19, 2009

being mum

So there i was. Faced with the next 4 days ahead. Mr R away, me taking time off work to 'be mum'. Lunches done, the twin 11 year olds dispatched to school. I have to walk past the mess above. The room is tiny, but they do amazing things with small space in Japan - so no point complaining. "i can't even get IN here!" I often tell Miss R. What is not completely evident in the above shot are the layers of 'muck & bullets' on the carpet level.
Bits of crushed pasta, pencil shavings, woven bits of thread, string, raffia, torn bits of crepe paper + tissue, off cuts of paper, wire, straw, cardboard... yes a lot of it DOES make lovely hay for the multitude of stables that exist on floor level BUT! so there went my first hour and a half trying to restore some sort of order.

No, it wasn't really my responsibilty, but then again i am the mother.
Elvie, slept through the whole thing.
So then i went to my studio (the shed) to get some fabric - then back to my desk and this is what i saw:

BUT! i know where everything is - well which pile to begin with. So is that what it is to be creative? Or is it just being lazy? Nuh, to be creative me thinks you have to have a stash, be surrounded by inspiration.. so when you are working on something you don't know what you might come up with.. and sometimes that 'bit of stuff' just there can make a difference and be the answer...
what are you? organised creative or 'creative' creative? Chaotic is a touch strong, don't you think?


mixtapezine said...

ahhhhhh reality
i love it
thanks for sharing!
looks just like our joint! ;)

Betty Jo said...

Just thank your lucky stars your girl actually lets you in her room.
Even if I could get in the door of Lily's room she would protest if I touched anything.
Now to tackle my studio.....have a good weekend!

Cass said...

I think you just described my daughter's room

myf said...

'a creative mind is seldom tidy'
can't remember where this quote came from, but it's often my excuse.

Shelbyville said...

I know exactly what you mean about the practical benefits of organised chaos...
And the truth is that "making" goes hand in hand with "mess", but it's a necessary part of the process for me as well.
However, I do love a good cathartic tidy-up from time to time!


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