Thursday, January 1, 2009


So being in my thirties means i have a recollection of this song... which spent 10 weeks on the chart with 3 weeks at #1.. in 1975 ( i was young..)

January, sick and tired, you've been hanging on me
You make me sad with your eyes
You're telling me lies
Don't go, don't go

January, don't be cold, don't be angry to me
You make me sad come and see
Oh January

so yeah, (as the 10 year olds say).. There is something about January that i don't like. Yes it is a holiday time.. but yet for me there is the expectation of the year to come... the best i can explain this is:
how is it possible to live in the present without angst about what should or shouldn't be planned for the future? How much can you trust that things will just happen?
How can you avoid the feeling of 'ergh! i should've/could've of..' that comes with reflection. I don't have any regrets for 2008 - becuase i did what i wanted to! but January always throws up 'what do i want to do this year!' My usual approach is to just put the ideas out there into the universe ... and then things will happen...
So my first question I'm putting out there is - how do you start the year?


kuber... said...

It's odd, isn't it? Time up until new year seems controlled - it's finite, and seems manageable. Then December rolls over into January (shock!) and suddenly there's a whole year of time stretching out in front of you, where anything could happen!
For me, January is my Organising Month. I don't bother making well-intentioned but unreasonable resolutions (let's face it, I'm not GOING to give up sugar!) so instead I plan for things I need/want that I haven't got around to yet.
Happy New Year to you DR!

Betty Jo said...

Slow and steady.......wins the race.
Or something along those lines.
That said, my mind is forming a haphazard agenda as I write.
But it is a golden rule to never dwell on the what ifs.
2009 = clean slate. And I just know yours is gonna be full of creative goodness. xx Liz

katiecrackernuts said...

Oh goodness. There is so much pressure to have a clean slate. I've decided this year to just keep on. I've had a nice little break from the blog and will resume with five days a week next year. I've made a decision to let something big go - with the thought other big things might take it's place. Like you, I guess, I am taking a peek at the future of printed publications and am wary of making too big a plan because the job future is unsure, and, of course, that means kinda just holding on. So, you can see why I am just head down, bum up, keep on keepin' on.

Prado-Marin said...

January is always a funny month. It's sort of quieter...things haven't got into full swing yet but there's no denying the new year has begun and there are things that need doing. I kind of look at it as the perfect opportunity to recharge the creative juices (i.e. spend time at the beach, watch the sky and hear the waves) and start new projects.

P.S. Love the new deck...perfect for coffee and fabric printing!

amy said...



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