Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New year folks!

So here we are at the start of a whole new year.. more on that soon. Here's a recap.. this was my christmas present from Mr R. A new deck at the back of my studio ... so it did lack the 'under the tree' surprise element, but of course it is the gift that will last! I tried not to seem his lack of Christmas shopping and feeling appreciated... and of course i DO LOVE my deck..
It always amazes me just how long it takes to wind down and get into that holiday mode, realising that we don't HAVE to DO anything, yet that is quite tricky for me.. I have had some playtime.. making a bear as a gift for a friend's 'new' baby... BUT the thing i most wanted to do was work on some new designs including ideas for fabric. Yesterday I spent far too long trying to work out how to 'tile' a pattern correctly so that it repeats ARGH!!!!!! anyone have any tips??? ( i found a few tutorials - but haven't cracked it yet..) while Master R worked on his base for his new Warhammer set up..

THEN after what seems like a few days hanging around the house we ventured out to the beach. (That's me below - post surf, i was doing nothing.. but then couldn't resist a magazine flip through..) I am a little addicted to the thrill of the WAHU, (the inflatable boogie board/surf mat). Nothing beats seeing that wave approach, jumping on it and whoooooosshhing towards the shore... Miss R was practising her handstands.. then after dinner one night i spied this couple watching the waves at Manly beach - it was too good to pass up!

My other 'holiday' 'to do' was to install (well strongly suggest to Mr R) an inspiration board for my desk.. very pleased with the result.. blinds will be on my list next...


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