Wednesday, January 7, 2009

a few more days of holidays

So it's been lovely just watching the days roll on and on and experiencing a real 'summer holiday', no big plans - just one day at a time.. I've seen some movies: 'Slum Dog Millionaire' (incredible, a definite must see!) 'I've loved you so long' (rich, sad). And yesterday went snorkeling at a beach 10 mins down the road AND saw fish, wavy seaweed and a whole underwater world. I can't ever remember doing that before...

A few days ago i found some remnants and made myself this make up bag.. I loved using the Lotta scraps they did sew + iron beautifully.. oh then HAD to have a hair cut.. found some nice reference.. BUT not quite sure how I always end up with something similar, am now feeling a bit like i have a koala on my head, but oh well..

Meanwhile the boys have been taking it easy - see Elvie (that's the big fluffly white blob) here assisting with Lego but then being slightly more interested in the cars whizzing past!

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Betty Jo said...

Snorkeling is unreal.
I mean it's like being in a different reality (last time Mr.BJ snorkeled at Clovelly he saw a giant octopus eek!)
The bag is super cute, oh, and do I spy a cuckoo clock pendant?
Have a great rest of Holidays.
xx Liz


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