Sunday, January 18, 2009

Earning the bread and butter

Hello! Hope your week was pleasant enough.. My first week back seemed to last longer than 5 days, it went reasonably well - but the age of 'uncertainty' made it to our office and I guess that as long as we can keep turning up that is all we can do.. soooo then it was time to catch up with friends, take the kids for pancakes, check out "Hotel for Dogs' AND .... spend Sunday afternoon doing a miniatures class..

I took Miss R and her friend to investigate Lulu's Miniatures at Chatswood. Our Bread Basket 2 hour workshop was an introductory offer. The class was held in the Buddhist Centre (just to use the space..although i felt like i needed to take a few deep breaths after dealing with the labyrinth of the car park) .. but this space added a really peaceful backdrop to the creative atmosphere. I enjoyed the subtle wafting of incense and music. For a few minutes i also saw a performer practising his dragon dance (with dragon head) in preparation for Chinese New Year..
So we were shown how to use this oil based clay - which was fantastic to work with, we added paint and effects - then put it all together in our baskets.. they really are very tiny - the plate in the photo is button size.
A lovely Sunday afternoon indeed!


katiecrackernuts said...

Yeap, age of uncertainty here too. Asked to do more and more and assured no one will be game enough to complain or ask for a pay rise.

Dick and Dora said...

Owh I am a bread girl myself and that basket looks mighty fine. Does Ms Redhead's friend think you are like the coolest Mum around?

Jason said...

I like the manga character! How tall is it and where did you buy it in Japan. I'd like to get one like that before I leave. Hummmm maybe I need to visit Akihabara...?


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