Sunday, September 14, 2008

it's been a while

Hello - thanks for dropping by once more. I've been thinking of other things i could be telling you, but frankly sometimes that just seems like heaps more work. So I'll begin here with an update at least. (right after i put this noisy ball of fluff with whiskers and a tail to bed.)... ok ..The last 48 hours or so, involved theatre, cub camp, meeting a new friend, a bit of a sing-a-long, a battle of the school bands (playing Beach Boys), some new work, a project, an interview and a slightly disappointing episode of Doctor Who.
The Sydney Theatre Company were presenting Doug Macleod's The Clockwork Forest. It was absolutely delightful. The cast of 5, together with some mechanical animals completely engaged the family audience. It was amazing what they achieved by movement and minimal set design. What was enjoyable was the un-Disney approach! No saccharin woodland creatures here..

It's always nice catching up with new friends and i have found myself crossing the line between cyber friends (not imaginary characters from Dr Who) but creative types I've met online - to meeting up in person. Which means that sometimes we also know what we've all being doing because we've already seen it on 'the blog'... which leaves more time for discussing goccos and how to make stickers..
Anyway in between the socialising i did get to punch some holes, thread some gift tags and list these new designs pictured above. Meet my emergency love bear, who is ready to rush in with some T.L.C and a bit of love.. aaah.

Then before the clock struck twelve and Dudley had to leave the ball ... I mean put the mac to sleep and prepare for the 7.47am bus... Dudley had to send off his next submission to mixtapezine. He painted this little piece here - in case they might like to include it in their next issue...
So I hope you all had lovely weekends too! But i really must tell you about journals.. I'll try to pop back again soon.. but now off to sweep the cinders...


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