Sunday, July 27, 2008

Barely there

Warning: aside from the nudity above which makes my 10 year olds blush, the following may include a rapid stream of consciousness..
So I've not been blogging. Every time i think about what to write, I'm faced with the voices: "who cares? who really is interested? what should i say? what else can i tell them? surely they just don't want to know what i've made this week, huh? do something no-one else does... make your blog unique. blah blah blah.
so any suggestions may be welcome!
Meanwhile - the sketches above were my attempt at a life drawing class. I spent the first 30 minutes cursing and swearing about how much i hated the whole process that is, life drawing. She kept moving, i wasn't in the right place, my drawing was sh*!t. Then we had a break, then I got into the swing of it, then i quite liked it. Then she moved, then he said "that's it for tonight".


Good grief! where have the days gone? In case you were wondering: I'm still around, no sudden issues.
Embarrassingly i have to admit I think i was a little swamped by my life - work, family, Dudley and then - there's my clutter. So I'm aware that i do accumulate stuff - but also while I'm 'Dudley-ing' some things have to slip. But yesterday morning after heated discussions with him who cleans (bless him). I thought perhaps it had gone too far. So most of today was spent dealing with these shameless piles...
Alas, me and minimalism will never exist in the same sentence.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend work

Hello, nice to see you again. I know that sometimes this is all a bit 'show and tell', but, well that often is my life! So many people do all the other stuff so well - that for the moment I'll just stick to this aspect of blogging.
Thanks to those that have shared how they choose a craft project. I began this weekend scribbling all the ideas from inside my head onto separate index cards - while eating my porridge. Once they were released onto card i felt alot freer! Then I saw my envelope that had arrived earlier from artgirlz. Breakfast aside i got stuck in. . they have a huge range of bits and bobs, felt shapes and kits like this pin - definitely worth a cybertrip.
It was so much fun working out the personality of this little figure. I love how you can make the arms and legs move. Miss R is modeling it here - so it will possibly be a better ratio pin on an adult - like me, tomorrow!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Urban puppy

Apologies, Sunday night usual blog night, came and went. The week had gone well ending with a movie night at a friends place - the only reason i mention this is because we were using a projector on a wall and whilst deciding which old movie to watch we called up the web. .. Quite confronting to see your own blog really large in a friends lounge room! But good for choosing which pizza we wanted.. anyway..
the kids and i then ventured to Spotlight bright and early last Saturday. I found myself with fabric to make 3 skirts, a tote bag and do some embroidery... but unfortunately i walked past some lovely muted 'folk art' paint bottles... Sunday morning i was up at 7.30 ready to get into it...
BUT where to start? I sat at my mac, but that was too much like the rest of my week... My fabric was washed and in a stack. The paint beckoned.. I braced the shed (a bit chilly) and painted 5 mini works... I wasn't quite sure if they are my style.. here are 2 of them. I don't really know what my style is?
So the dilemma - Saturday approaches .. where creatively to begin? How do you decide?


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