Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend work

Another week has flown by. Finally the Grade 4 'First Fleet' projects were handed in. I found these pics of Miss R's in iphoto (must record Mr R's too). They are 2 of the playing pieces from her hand drawn/designed board game...

So the kids were off at birthday parties, building bears and putting golf.. so time for Dudley to play too. I have been hearing about the concept of 'crafternoon' which of course makes perfect sense to me. But even better when sharing with friends. In this case there were only 2 of us - but because we were felting on the dining room table, that was cosy enough.. My creative friend here is experimenting with constructing a bag .. I'll have to check out how it ended up... while my piece evoloved into this ...

I wanted to try and 'paint' with the roving, as i would on paper... obviously the trick is to get the fibres to bond. I had a couple of gifts to make - the pink flower and pink bird key chain will be wrapped up. The bird key chain (top right) looked very nice on my own bag. BUT then, there in the centre is my new creation for this week.... my MEEOWL!!! half cat, half owl, but cute and fluffy. Perfect to pin on an outfit..
oh well, now to clean up the kitchen (post roast & post), then to stitch some more Meeowls..
Have a great week!

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talktothewind said...

you are amazing!!!! you have already created something out of the felt!!!
very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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