Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm back...

So the trip... mother-daughter time indeed.. we walked, ate, explored and rumaged..

We met lots of great people, the folk at Sticky, mixtape-ziners, Sally, Betty Jo, AND I got to go to Brownies!
I felt very privileged to sit amongst the melbourne crafters surrounded by gorgeous owl bit and pieces from the past, and all the paraphernalia of sewing - wooden boxes of spools, baskets of buttons, aprons on racks and freshly baked sweet things. The project for the evening was the patchwork pin cushion - mine pictured here with my souvenir owl.. aah.We were also excited to visit Sticky where we dropped off our 'Why are you Scratching?' zine - all about nits.. we picked up some new ones and THEN made badges.. In our packing excitement we had forgotten to prepare some designs - so armed with mini cupcakes we returned to our hotel to whip some up (pictured above right). My other great discovery was Buttonmania (courtesy of Danielle at Brownies). Located at 37 Swanston Street it appeared to be something from times gone by. On entering the shop I was asked if I had my swatches with me. (HUH? I don't do predetermined outcomes - i thought)... then looking at Miss R she pointed her in the direction of the 'rumage' area.. so after 90 minutes and 2 sepa
rate trips i ended up with about 170 individually selected buttons. oh the joy!

So we had a wonderful trip except for a disaster on Dudley Street - which i'm trying to block out of the memory banks.. enough said that Miss R and I had to leave our hotel at 4.30AM in our pyjama's after drunken threats were made to the management when asked to be quiet... erase memory... erase memory...

Melbourne was crafty, colourful and cool.


62cherry said...

so lovely to meet you!

nikkishell said...

Great to meet you and your girl :) Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

katiecrackernuts said...

Great stuff. The pics look fantastic. I am so tempted to go down for the Art Deco exhibition. The supplement was in Monday's SMH. You were away but might be able to ask the SMH or your newsagent for one. I think a weekend trip with my much bigger (21) step-daughter could be coming,

Danielle said...

Great to hear you had huge success at Buttonmania! Looks like you picked up some great finds too... And that's my owl in the Mike's window photo of yours! Great meeting you, hopefully see you at another Brown Owls sometime in the future :)


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