Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the seven weirdo things... part 2

4. When I was younger I used to agonize over what special power I'd choose (obviously I was an optimist). Should I pick flying - or would it be better to be able to 'jump' in a bionic fashion? Or running at the speed of light? (I didn't consider strength). But now I'm older I have to say I'm glad the whole flying thing didn't work out - cause I've noticed that I've started to get quite squeamish being up high. Phew.

5. I'm suggesting this one as weird, but it could just be plain stupid. When I was 10 i broke my toe by jumping into a swimming pool and hitting it on the bottom. Why? 'because no-one told me to bend my legs" I replied. Let's hope I've developed some intuition since then...

6. As we draw to the end of the random revelations ... i do think sometimes we all need to connect with our inner child. Life can be serious and adult, but sometimes you just need a bit of silly nonsense.

7. So no volunteers then?

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CurlyPops said...

Ooh I love that little dotty tee that you are wearing in the photo


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