Sunday, March 2, 2008

the double digit mystery tour

The excitement began on Friday night ... the clues were written, the presents hidden. Going along with our 'you're turning 10 - so lets have a special mystery birthday'.. we began with a mystery present trail. 10 clues each, in 10 separate envelopes. All penned by Mr Dudley (that was his workload for Friday!) such gems as "Where you sleep, have a peep, close to the ground you may find something to keep" or my personal favorite .."this involves a man on a motorbike that mama likes most, he visits the house many times a week to drop off the ----." Aaah and it seemes like only yesterday we were all watching Blues Clues...So off they darted looking for their presents - almost too excited to think. Then we heading off to the mystery destination - pausing at Nana's for some birthday cake. We overnighted in Wollongong - managing to find some crazy teppenyaki Japanese restaurant, nestled amongst various car yards. No spilt eggs, luckily.
Sunday the destination was revealed as Jamberoo, cloudy but fine. I can say I did experience free- falling sensations and multi directional forces, but managed to keep my cognitive ability intact despite experiencing all this backwards. For those not up on their water theme parks - I got into a large rubber ring (with family) and then proceeded into a pitch black (water slide) tunnel down the hill. Excellent, if not a bit giddy.

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Georgie Love said...

Fantastic Weekend! :-D

Sorry love, I have tagged you in my blog for a challenge! :-)


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