Sunday, September 30, 2007

Vintage-ish find

So I realize that this sequence of events is out of order, but after lunch (see below) we popped into one of the old second hand shops (on King Street, Newtown), and I picked up this little satchel bag for $5. It's about 30cm across and doesn't even smell. It also has useful pockets inside and seems quite handy. However - how can I funk it up a bit???? any ideas??? So far all i got is keyring-type dangly things. Or I do have some scrap leather I was thinking I could cut out a bird or something?
If you leave any comments I'll be entirely grateful, please.

Out and about

More useless information or just an insight into my life I guess.
On our way back home (via massive Spotlight - as I have 5 more days of work before 2 weeks holiday - which reminds me - must chart up timetable for holiday projects).

Miss Redhead wanted to go to the Chocolate Dog Cafe - which supply etcher-sketchers - so will waiting for our veggie burgers we did our drawing game - where you do a few loose squiggles then the other person has to make it into something. Miss Redhead caught onto the extra rule - where due to name of cafe each picture also had to have a dog. Nice.

Home to mum

Saturday Miss Redhead and I went off overnight to visit Nanna. As we packed up ready to return home, Miss Redhead said "aren't we going to take photos?"
It's funny how not so long ago the car was packed (on the same sort of overnight trip) full of everything baby x2 - the twin thing, and when we arrived the babies were handed over to the grandparents while I - always had a project packed and would desparately try and make something, anything in an effort to feel normal.
So these days it's nice just to go out to dinner and enjoy each others company.
While genetics, role modeling or socialization are also amusing. Here is Miss Redhead's (age 9) photo.
I have no idea - why I'm telling you this?
P.s the dolls and horse are mine - and were ones I spent hours setting up scenarios for.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Guess who was found lurking in the yard? Plenty of hiding material. Didn't realise I needed to do so much sweeping. Probably got disillusioned after the broom fell in two pieces last time. Did a little painting this morning and was in utopia until - reality called me to the kitchen to eat. (why is it that weekend lunches can really get in the way? i want to know more ideas for a quick fix... ) then I had to do all the boring chores and sunny Sunday was sucked away. Not before I dug out an ol' Jamie Oliver recipe where you put a chicken breast, garlic, thyme, mushroom, bit of butter and a few splashes of wine into a foil parcel and bake for 25mins at 220c. Pictures next time. Sometimes I'm a robot, other times I can enjoy eating...
oh well back to the week.

Robot softie

The idea for this guy was hanging round in my head last week. He's a present for a friend whose baby is turning one.
It's important to get acquainted with robots early I think. I was trying to keep it simple but feel I went a bit overboard on the stitching. I can feel a mini one hanging round next. Having named a lot of robot's (paintings) in my time - I'm a bit stuck for a name - any suggestions?

Wouldn't it be great if you had a health dial that could give you a read out of any areas you were lacking. I spent Thursday night and Friday dizzy and completely zapped. If only my 'dial' could tell me what i needed... it would save sooo much self diagnosis angst.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

From the mouths of...

On my way home - in snooze mode - I was thinking I must do a quick post tonight. I remembered this sketch of my (9 year old) son's from a few weeks ago. It surprised me because at the time I was telling him something about .. making the most of each day .. trying to choose one good thing to think about before going to sleep etc.. and when I'd finished he just looked at me and said "Wise words from an old bird". Well! yes - who knows where that came from - doesn't sound like a Bart-ism. So I suggested he draw that immediately. I don't know whether I should worry about the spelling or the 'old bird' line?

A day of discovery indeed

So working as I do on a magazine I find myself often 'flicking' through many a glossy page in the name of inspiration and research.The name davidmetnicole constantly pops up in the stockist or shopping pages, well - finally I made it there (all of 15mins from my desk, I know). Their presentation of assorted items from lights, snow globes,printers blocks, scrabble tiles, leather pouches, plywood letters is amazing. But be warned - try to pick a quiet moment - as unless you have pipe cleaner legs -you will be squashed. A great place to buy gifts and see proof of: the more you have of something - the better it looks!

My little purchase here - was beautifully wrapped - and reminded me of one of the reasons I enjoyed shopping so much in Japan - it's the total experience.

I love cyberspace, no really!

Just as I was thinking about how I haven't blogged lately and how I'm torn between wanting to just work on my new stuff and tell you about things - I discovered Threadless. WOW. Well actually a work colleague looked across the partition and said "you'd be onto this wouldn't you?" Don't you love it when people know you in a useful way?

Here's one I loved.
So beware - you can buy cool stuff AND submit your own! Lucky the weekend is around the corner.

7.00 - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not to be ...zine

Last week was madly spent (at night - due to day job..) preparing for the Twilight Zine Fair at Sydney Uni. With a big thank you to the talented Shelbyville who encouraged me to participate and kindly let me share her space. So to recap: at 3pm the skies were black and Sydney had a massive storm. At 5pm I was on my way - stock in backpack glad that paper was my friend and items were light. At 5.30pm we set up. At 5.35pm there were huge gusts of wind and screams as zines went flying. At 6.ish we were in the dark and freezing.

I think it was a good experience. Just unfortunate that not many people seemed to know about it.The fair or zines. That and the fact the contractors seemed to forget the lighting, eventually the fairy lights were plugged in - but not exactly good for detail yer fairy light. A couple of onlookers resorted to their mobile phones in an attempt to see something.
Oh well. some stock for my Etsy site. And back to what ever I was doing earlier...
what was I doing earlier?

Monday, September 3, 2007

Book shelf

I just wanted to share the highlight of last weeks' daily commute to the city, while stuck in traffic I read the Crafter's Companion' by Anna Torborg. Which did actually bring tears to my eyes! Essentially it is a collection of interviews with craft bloggers - where they talk about why they create, their inspiration and share their workspace pics and a project each. (Which is fab voyeuristic stuff - ooo loook at that desk! aaah that fabric, Oh! I have that!)
Such quotes like: (blogging)"gives me a way to contribute to the big show-and-tell. ..not just to get feedback, but to feed me visually as well. The only thing I need to be careful of is being online too much and knowing when to turn off the computer." - Amy Karol

All the interviews are great reading, all those years I've felt 'slightly odd' (well more than slightly sometimes) - now I know I'm a crafter - that's all. They all shared stories of how they discovered craft. For me it was my parents turning the old kitchen of our English semi-detached house into 'THE CRAFT ROOM". Seriously. We all had desks and everything, Dad was teaching himself gold and silver smithing, Mum did enameling, painted cards and pebbles. My sister and i just stuck bits together, sketched and shared the experience.
So just to form more of Miss Redhead's craft beginnings I decided to teach her how to follow a pattern. (it was in Japanese - so we just followed the pictures). She wanted to make adjustments - I thought we should follow the pattern as a lesson - but I did agree she could do her own face design.
Miss Redhead made the cat, Mama Dudley did the monkey.. Can't wait for the long weekend. (the only benefit of APEC).

Father's Day

Not being one for crowds we avoided the lunch and dinner options but ventured out down the beach for Father's Day ice-cream. It was a lovely moment to see the three of them charge across the sand. It doesn't seem that long ago that we packed everything into the stroller and embarked on walks trying to hang onto our sanity. Miss Redhead made 'Dragon's Eggs'. Pretty amazing I thought.'Mum, did you bring your camera?' she asked. "Of course - I am a blogger, afterall' I said.

It was my fourth Father's Day without my dad, and although the pain is no longer physical, the feeling of extreme loss is just as strong. He was so special - I'm glad I have my memories with me everyday - not just Father's Day.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Illustration Friday: Alphabets

My effort for this week's illustration friday theme. ( I have to say that i did have to do it between the eggplant, avocado, shitake mushroom + garlic spaghetti and father's day cake). Sometimes quick is all you can do.
It does only use R, O, B, O , T. Naturally the possibilities this week were endless. But I do love an alphabet...


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